A brief introduction


ADAPTABLE is both a webserver and data-miner of antimicrobial peptides. It was created with the aim to provide a tool against the emerging threat of antimicrobial resistance. Given its general architecture, collecting and combining data from over 25 (and growing) web resources in different fields, ADAPTABLE can be also used for the design of compounds with applications in agriculture or cancer research. Its expanded knowledge based on over 40000 entries coupled with sequence alignment tools can be used to:

  1. design new peptides active towards a specific organism;
  2. predict the antimicrobial or anticancer activity of a generic peptide sequence;
  3. discover new activities of pre-existing sequences not tested experimentally;
  4. highlight motifs (well definite arrangements of amino acids in the sequence responsible for the activity).

    The study of motifs is essential for the understanding of the different mechanisms of action and consequently the design of optimal scaffold for drug design.

Discover the potentiality of ADAPTABLE by reading the Tutorial.
Start creating groups of peptides tailored on your research (i.e. families) by using our web interface.

Citing us

  • Ramos-Martín, F., Annaval, T., Buchoux, S., Sarazin, C., & D'Amelio, N. (2019). ADAPTABLE: a comprehensive web platform of antimicrobial peptides tailored to the user's research. Life science alliance, 2(6)
    (DOI: 10.26508/lsa.201900512).